Welcome to KS Fitness - Owned & Operated by Kimberly Stapleton      Home Studio - Stonehaven Estates Kemptville

Make yourself Accountable!

  • Classes: 55 mins
  • Spin
  • Circuit  (timed stations)
  • Circuit-Spin Combo
  • Tempo (Similar to Goodlife's Body Pump)
  • Ball TRX Bosu class
  • Step Aerobics
  • Nutritional Coaching-SMART
  • Active Aging Adult Training-RISE
  • Pregnancy Fitness
  • Personal Training 1 hour for new clients to KSFitness


  • Fat loss, strength gain, endurance, agility, balance, flexibility
  • Increase energy & stamina
  • Improve confidence, reduce stress
  • Make yourself accountable

  1. Contact me Send me an email / text or give me a call
    Tell about your goals/weaknesses and what you hope to gain out of your workouts


 Intial Consultation/First Session $40.00-1 hour   1-on-1 with Kim!

  1. Everyone must complete an initial consultation with Kim 1-on-1 prior to attending your first class.  The consultation covers off: fitness assessment/health questionairre/equipment introduction/fitness studio tour/discussion of goals and any limitations you may have.  Following this your first class is FREE to enjoy!

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  1. As your trainer, I will be available for questions between our sessions. Anything regarding fitness, nutrition ect, at no additional cost!