Welcome to KS Fitness - Owned & Operated by Kimberly Stapleton      Home Studio - Stonehaven Estates Kemptville

Make yourself Accountable!

  • Classes: 45 mins
  • Spin
  • Bootcamp  (Similar to Greco)
  • Tempo (Similar to Goodlife's Body Pump)
  • ABCS (Abs Butt Cardio Stretch)
  • Step Aerobics
  • Child/Parent Class
  • Stretch  (not a yoga style class)
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Active Aging Adult Training
  • Pregnancy Fitness
  • 1-on-1 Stretching


  • Fat loss, strength gain, endurance, agility, balance, flexibility
  • Increase energy & stamina
  • Improve confidence, reduce stress
  • Make yourself accountable

  1. Contact me Send me an email / text or give me a call
    Tell about your goals/weaknesses and what you hope to gain out of your workouts

 Intial Consultation/First Session/Class

  1. Our 1st session together, we will complete a PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionaire), OPTIONAL: weigh-in, measurements, before-after photos, start your health journal. Following this I will introduce the gym equipment and overview to get you set!

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  1. As your trainer, I will be available for questions between our sessions. Anything regarding fitness, nutrition ect, at no additional cost! 

LISA:  Its all about Nutrition/she found a new love for fitness-it all came together nicely with over 30lbs and 25.5 inches down so far!  Good Job!  Lisa has trained with KSFitness through personal training and group classes for approx 3 years.


SOPHIE:  Incredible transformation in 7 months = 24 inches and 25lbs!  Following Nutrition changes and being consistant with her fitness has proved amazing results-love this! Sophie has been consist with Kim through 2 pregnancies. 


SHARON: This amazing lady has proven several times that being consistent with nutrition and fitness is the key to a healthy successful lifestyle.  Sharon has been training with Kim through Personal Training/partner workouts and group classes for 2 years.  Sharon rocked the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Body Building Stage in 2020 and continues on with her modelling passion.


MORGAN:  "I met Kim after having my son with the goal of wanting to lose the baby weight and regain my strength back.  Its been almost 9 months of having Kim as my trainer and attending her fitness classes.  I have lost 40 lbs and regained my confidence and strength back!  I absolutely love working out to Kim's classes, especially her Bootcamp and Bootcamp/Spin are my favorite!  Each class is different and she challenges you in the best way to do things you never thought you could do before.  A must try!!!"


ANNE:  KSFitness longest standing client ANNE!  She started her fitness journey in 2017 when she moved to Kemptville, then shortly thereafter discovering KSFitness.  Loosing weight/exercising has always been a struggle she told Kim when they met.  Anne quickly found enjoyment in the classes offered.  When Covid struck the world, Anne decided it was time to take exercise and nutrition to a new level.  She took the opportunity to not let fear and uncertainly dictate her life.  Anne's dedication to her walking program, taking part in KSFitness weekly Zoom classes as well as discovering winter outdoor activities such as snow shoeing was instrumental in her weight loss!   Anne started feeling comfortable with her body changes as weight came off.  She decided to try some eliminations in her diet that Kim had suggested.  Anne is currently down 33 lbs and feeling strong to keep on her track with her goals!  Good job Anne your are an inspiration to many!  


DAWN:  I was a “TomBoy” in grade school – on all the girls sports teams.  When I was 12 I discovered weights when my older brother got a set and I started using them in my fitness regime. 

I forgot about al that throughout high school and only got back into Fitness and working out when I was in my 20s.  I worked out daily and was in amazing condition until I had a baby and again put fitness aside for a few years.  In my mid-30s I picked it up again and was extremely disciplined to my gym time.  I knew how to work my body and what to eat to be in prime shape, but in my 50s when menopause hit my body became a stranger and everything I knew didn’t seem to help anymore.  I ate what I thought was right and worked out like I used to, but my mid section kept getting bigger and my muscle definition smaller. 

Then I discovered Kim and her fitness studio

Kim helped me get back on track to loving fitness again seeing results.  I feel younger and healthier throughout most of my 50’s.

Im so grateful to have Kim in the neighbourhood as my trainer, motivator, and fitness mentor!