• Initial Consultation $40 - must complete before attending any classes.......then your 1st class is free to enjoy!
  •  Personal Training: $40 for new participants only.
  •  CLASSES $9
  • Circuit/Formerly known as Bootcamp:  (55 minutes) -  circuit style stations.  Suited for everyone.  Total body Abs/Arms/Legs/Cardio all mixed together. 
  • Spin:  (55 minutes) - lights out turn the disco light on adventure riding up hill/down hill/fast and heavy ride.  Abs on the floor to end this class.
  • Circuit/Spin:  (55 minutes) -4 mins weights for abs and arms, then hop on the Bike for 4 mins Legs/Cardio combo.  
  • Tempo  (55 minutes) - Total Body workout using weights and a weight bar.  Slow down every movement to challenge the muscles!  Abs arms and legs! No Cardio.  This Class is a knock off of Goodlifes Body Pump!
  • Step Aerobics:  (55 minutes) - Beginner level class with options to increase intensity or add weights or higher risers.  Excellent Leg/Glute workout/finish the class off with some floor abs.
  • BTB - (55 minutes) - Ball TRX Bosu - this is a body weight class using all 3 pieces of equipment.  
  • Stretch - (45 minutes) - this is not a yoga class - this class we stretch using foam follers/mini balls/bands/wall space.
  • RISE - (55minutes) - no impact/focus on stability/balance/core using weights/body weight including cardio.....all combined for a total body workout

2024 RATES will NOT increase




  • Mon-Thurs 800am/430pm/545pm and (occassional 645pm class)
  • Fri 800am/430pm/545pm
  • Mon - Fri 800/1000/1200pm 
  • Sat 800am/915am/1030am
  • Sun 800am/915am/1030am


KSFitness doesn't force you into Packages for your sessions.  Enjoy coming as often as you wish....... earn discounts by any of the following:

  • Referring a Friend/Spouse etc=Free Class
  • Birthday Month=Discounted Classes
  • Incentives to Earn Free Classes.

  • NO Membership Fees
  • NO Contracts
  • NO Pre-Purchased amount of sessions
    Simply pay per session
  • Receipts issued at end of the month upon request.

**Check with your employer benefits plan for coverage!

**Coverage for WSIB injuries/Motor Vehicle Collision Rehabiliation
** Cash / Cheque / E-Transfer are accepted forms of payment


** Schedule **

In addition to my business, I have a full-time career where I am working shift work. Therefore, I offer a variety of schedules each week: daytime, evening, weekends & statutory holidays.