To be completely honest, Kim is the best trainer I have ever had.  Her level of knowledge of the human body, compassion and professionalism make her invaluable to have in your corner. I became a client a year ago looking to lose stubborn weight, gain strength and improve my flexibility / mobility. I have surpassed these goals with Kim's help every step /squat, hop of the way! I have learned how to plan my meals, focus more on the importance of sleep and have set higher fitness goals for myself! Thanks to Kim, I am a new person! "


- Jenn

" I decided it was time to make a change for a better me. I have a physically demanding job but still felt that I could do more to be successful, healthier me. Weight has always been a struggle for me, I was 48 years old and needed a change.

I found Kim's ad, sent her an email and we met the 1st week of December 2014. Kim came to my home where we discussed what my goals were and how she could help me achieve them. She listened to what I had to say. I started training with Kim 2-3 times per week. Kim always came with a workout plan, changing it as my fitness levels improved, always keeping it challenging, which motivated me! She always ensured that the exercises were completed with proper techniques so there was never a chance of injury. She challenged me harder than I would challenge myself which proved great results. It was hard work but she made it fun and never gave up on me.

Kim was able to help me discover some food my body was disagreeing with, which overall has helped with my weight loss. It has been an enjoyable, maintainable journey. I have noticed a difference in my clothing and definitely on the scale - 21 pounds and 19 inches!

My motivation stayed high as Kim was always a phone call or email away if I ever had any questions or if I was needing a boost to keep going.

Together we trained with a goal in mind, until I fell ill and had to undergo major surgery. Needless to say, I was out of my exercise routine. Kim kept in touch throughout my recovery with motivation to continue with the lifestyle journey I had taken on before. I can say that before the surgery, all my hard work training was a huge bonus in my recovery stage. I owe a huge thank you to Kim.

Kim moved to another area of Eastern Ontario, that we were not able to train together any longer. Kim continued to provide me with workout programs to keep myself on track as well she checked in regarding my health journal.

Kim is caring, compassionate and knowledgeable. She shows great passion in being a personal trainer.

She has empowered me to be the best ME! Thank you, Kim."

                                                                                                                                -  Leslie

"When you look in the mirror and see no change...and you still keep faith knowing that in time, you WILL get there if you stay the course - that's the difference between those who ultimately succeed and those who fail"

" With reduced mobility (MS), I needed a trainer who could come to my house on a regular basis.

Kim was quick to learn my needs and goals. She set up a training plan and lead me through it with pro tips and advice."

                                                                                                          - Pierre